How To High Tide: Fall DIY’s

Ava Devine, Molly Heyner, Ellie Schenk, Kiara Cazares, and Rissa Flanders

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How To High Tide is coming at you with four fun and fabulous fall DIY’s. Whether you’re in need of a super fun babysitting activity or you’re looking for a tasty Thanksgiving treat, we’re here to help you with these easy autumn-themed crafts and snacks.

Together, our team of crafters went pinning for DIY’s to tackle. We settled on four fun activities: two crafts and two snacks.

First up is the fall slime. Now, we didn’t use recipes for any of these DIY’s, in fact, we went purely from the pictures, trying our best to use our inventive problem-solving IB skills. It was a lot of fun, but we ended up making more of an oobleck than a slime, adding in food coloring and some glitter for a flavorful fall flare.



Photography by Rissa Flanders


Photography by Rissa Flanders

Ellie and Ava tackled the slime, and while it came out pretty cool, next time they hope to get their hands on borax so the slime can look a bit more like the reference picture:


Next up, the HTHT girls tackled the treats. Kiara, Ava, and Rissa started  making the mini cupcake pies while Molly and Ellie took on the rice krispy turkey. The turkey turned out amazing, and Molly and Ellie said they were pleasantly surprised by how easy it turned out to be.

For the turkey, all you need are a half of a bag of mini marshmallows mixed melted together with 3 tbs of butter and  3/4 of a box of rice krispy cereal. The rest is all shaping and then filling the center with M&M’s.

Here’s how it turned out:


Photography by Rissa Flanders


Photography by Rissa Flanders

The pies, on the other hand, were a bit more tricky. Rissa found that the hardest part was the cross-hatching dough on the top. They used Pillsbury Crescent Rolls to make the crust, which resulted in tasty, thin, and buttery casings that didn’t flake away. Kiara and Ava worked with pumpkin and apple filling, leaving Rissa with the tedious task of cross-hatching the tops with the remaining dough. While some of the cupcakes overflowed in the oven, most of them turned out great, and even the ones that didn’t look too hot, still tasted delicious.


Photography by Rissa Flanders


Photography by Rissa Flanders

The last DIY was mostly just for fun. After a long day of cooking and crafting, we turned to paper turkey hats for some laughs. Our expert coloring skills turned to good use. Take a look for yourself:


Photography by Rissa Flanders


Photography by Rissa Flanders

All in all, it was a successful day of DIY’s. HTHT learned some valuable tricks for next time, and we can’t wait to see you again next holiday season.  Tag us if you try any of these DIY’s with #HTHTFALL. Happy Thanksgiving!

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