New Year, New Rules: Dress Code

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New Year, New Rules: Dress Code

Maria Tjongdrah, Opinions

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With a new school year, comes new rules. Rules are what keep order. Rules are supposed to be helpful, reasonable, and necessary. But have some rules become unnecessary, unreasonable, inconvenient, or downright pointless? Here at Fort Myers High School, we have many rules. One set of rules that play an important part of our everyday lives here is the dress code. Some think that these rules are quite reasonable and lenient, while other people think otherwise and believe that some things should be changed. Here’s what some of the student body had to say about the dress code:


Fort Myers High School Dress Code Summary:

The dress code here at Fort Myers High has a lot of key points that I want to focus on. To begin, students are prohibited to wear shorts. Skirts are however allowed. Ripped jeans are not allowed to be worn. Calf length jeans, or “capris”, are a violation. Sleeveless shirts are prohibited. Leggings are also prohibited. Shoulders must be completely covered. Hats, caps, hoods, head scarves, bandanas, etc are not allowed to be worn.

Now here are what some of the student body have to say about these rules and regulations when prompted with the questions:

  • “Are all the aspects of the dress code reasonable?
  • Are there aspects that you would like to change?
    • If not, why do you think it’s all reasonable?”:

Many students thought that it was unreasonable that students cannot wear shorts:

(Susan Adler) Freshman

“I think it’s unreasonable that we can wear skirts but not shorts.”

(Luc Duclos) Freshman

“The only thing I would change is that we should be allowed to wear shorts.”

(Jocelyn Martinez) Sophomore

“No, the dress code is not reasonable. It’s not reasonable because we live in Florida and not being able to wear shorts is unfair especially in 90-degree weather. If the dress code wasn’t so strict, students wouldn’t take advantage when we’re given a chance to bend them a little.”


Some disliked the rule about leggings, forbidding them:

(Hana Ali) Freshman

“I think we should be able to wear leggings. We should be able to be comfortable and if we were able to wear leggings they just shouldn’t have rips on them or be seethrough.”

(Katrina Lee) Junior

“I feel like it’s ridiculous that girls can’t wear leggings to school but people are allowed to wear short dresses and get away with it. If leggings are a “distraction” then girls shouldn’t be the ones getting trouble when the boys are the ones getting distracted.”


The no ripped jeans was also a part that some students thought was unreasonable:

(Brandayza Henderson) Freshman

“I would change the part of no ripped jeans.”


On the other hand, some students thought the dress code was fine:

(Savanna Tiffany) Freshman

“I think the dress code is fine because we don’t have many restrictions.”

(Allison Mackenzie) Freshman

“I think the dress code upholds big standards.”

(Anonymous) Sophomore

“The dress code is strict but I think that it’s reasonable. It was designed to keep students safe so I’m sure the administration made the rules for a reason/purpose.”


Many of the students that I had interviewed had been unpleased with at least one aspect of the dress code. The dress code is a set of rules that administration has made. They encourage us to follow those rules. However, as a student body, Greenies do not necessarily have to agree or disagree with the set rules. Individual opinions are to be made about what should or should not be able to worn and how students express themselves. Forming your own opinion on topics can really make your voice be heard!


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