Sweetheart Auction drums up a beat

Julia Coin, Student Life Editor

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, the 14th annual FMHS Sweetheart Auction provided an opportunity for students to bid their best on an array of FMHS’ finest male students. The auction can safely be considered a success in terms of the efforts of the Junior Class to raise money for this year’s prom. As a whole, $846 was raised.

The title of this year’s most expensive boy-toy belongs to DB Lowden, going for $80 thanks to the combined efforts of the lacrosse team. This year’s lineup consisted mostly of junior gentlemen.

Many of the boys showed off their hidden talents. “Ben Perri was really prepared to sing his heart out,” said Leeanne Hackett when asked about who seemed to put in the most effort.

Jacob Seif and his yo-yo co-starred in the event. “I decided to go with the yo-yo because it is unique and no-one else does it. I had some time to practice when I was younger and thought this would be a good chance to revisit it,” said Seif.

An undeniably eclectic group of gentlemen, Hackett shares behind-the-curtain shenanigans consisted mostly of boys telling their friends they’d get scooped up for $100 and going for $25. Garrett Letourneau, bought by friend Dylan McHugh, was arguably one of the most enthusiastic sweethearts. “The amount of joy and excitement I felt went Dylan won me was overwhelming,” said Letourneau.

Announced and auctioned by Jenna Jungferman, Journalism and English teacher, this year’s auction had an engaged audience with a handful of bidding wars. Principal LaRosa and Assistant Principal Stanford created some tension while bidding on David Charles. The end result, of course, was the perfect pair of two Davids.

Devin Mix strikes a pose

Jacob Seif shows off his yo-yo skills

Ben Perri sings to his sweetheart in the crowd

Leeanne Hackett drives up bids for DB Lowden


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