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Tide Tunes: Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2018


Valentine’s Day— a holiday you either love, hate, or disregard altogether. Here at High Tide, we tend to the needs of all. Whether you’ve got a special date with a significant other, plan on kicking it with friends and family, or intend on celebrating alone, music is always a necessary part of having a good day. Romantic love, platonic love, self-love, you name it! Down below are three playlists curated to accommodate every kind of feeling.

For the one in love.


A mixture of romantic, yet slightly cheesy love songs to more low-key tracks that still get the point across; blast it with a loved one and let them know how much you care. This playlist is for those of you who embrace the day of St. Valentine with open arms.

For the one torn by love.


Breakups and unrequited love are two very real, very unfortunate happenings in one’s life. Have a feeling of distaste towards this day? Sometimes the best remedy for the blues is to get in your feels, coddle a tub of ice cream and listen to other people sing about their similar sad experiences.

For the one who doesn’t care at all.


Indifferent to the whole concept of this holiday? Don’t fret, this playlist is a blend of good vibes for you to indulge in. February 14th may be another ordinary day, but an ordinary day is no obstacle for extraordinary music.


Enjoy and make sure to follow your favorite playlist for quick access to the best songs of the week!

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