Beating Back-to-School Blues

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Beating Back-to-School Blues

Photo courtesy of Julia Coin.

Photo courtesy of Julia Coin.

Photo courtesy of Julia Coin.

Photo courtesy of Julia Coin.

Julia Coin, Editor-in-Chief

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From beaches to bleachers. Welcome (back) to the hallowed halls of Fort Myers High.

The season of school can arouse some not so fun feelings, but we’re here to change that.

Sure, some work is going to need to get done, but here are some reasons to get excited:

  1. The stories. Everyone has them, and high school is the perfect place to make them. Experience responsibly.
  2. The sports. They are not lacking at FMHS. Make it a goal to come out to a game/meet/match of each of your favorites. “I’m looking forward to winning State Champs for volleyball,” said Hannah Upton, 12, reinforcing our prediction that there will be some iconic plays this season. And for the ones you can’t make it to, we got you covered.
  3. The timeline. Yes, the first day of school marks the beginning of, well, school… but it also means Homecoming, Fall, Winter, the holidays and the events of the year are on their way.
  4. The people. High school would not be what it is if it wasn’t for the people. “I’m looking forward to being in all of my new classes and getting to see my friends,” said Anna Cowart, 10.  Whether you have an outgoing personality or a timid one, we recommend making a point to meet one new person today.
  5. The extracurriculars. The best way to expand your circle is to join some of the clubs FMHS has. “My favorite parts of FMHS the past few years have been related to the overwhelming aspect of being involved. Without the administration and student body emphasizing how great it is to be involved in the school, I don’t think I’d be in the number of clubs that I am in now, said Mun Ahmed, 11. From sports to science to the arts, there is something for everybody… and if there isn’t, make your own!
  6. The spirit. Old-timers know what I am talking about. New timers, you will. FMHS spirit makes up a large portion of our Greenwave Tradition, so invest in some green attire and get ready to get pumped. Many members of the student body would like to assure a student section at each game. “I’ll be pushing it all year, you can bet on that,” said Rawan Abhari, 12.
  7. The organization. I don’t know about you, but I’m a total nerd when it comes to the notebook aisle at Target. 


Whether it is your first year at FMHS or your last, the feeling of dread for the school days that await may have you in a mood. Transitioning from the vacation season, whether the destination was the living room couch or a new country, to a new school year can be a shock. That’s ok, we get it.

At least it’s just one day… and 180 more.


For more information on important upcoming dates, refer to our First-Day flyer, available in most classrooms and ready for your viewing on @fmhshightide on Instagram and Twitter.

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