Teacher Profile: Ms. Scott

Maria Tjongdrah, Reporter

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Ms. Scott, one of the newest history teachers on campus, is already a favorite to many.

Upon entering her classroom, one quickly notices the modern, minimalistic organization of the area. A board referencing Beyonce hangs in the back of the room, mirroring Scott’s young, and structured personality.  

To some, teaching high schoolers can be frustrating or tiring, but Scott prefers it. “The thing I like about high school is that we can have intelligent conversations and get really deep into things, you don’t really have the chance to that in other places or with other ages.”

It is Scott’s second year teaching, but her passion for her profession has been around for a while. “It was one of those childhood career moves, but I guess what made me stay was the love I have for my students… I do it for them,” said Ms. Scott.

While her love for history has stayed with her since high school, there are some elements that have changed. “I was very artsy and very, very shy,” said Scott. Describing her current self in three words, Scott chose: enthusiastic, smart, and hard-working. When asked who her inspiration was, she jokingly replied with “Can it be Beyonce?” (yes, yes it can).

The definition of success varies from person-to-person, but to Ms. Scott it means growth. “There are varying levels, but I think as long as you better yourself from how you were the day before, or the day before that, or ten years before then, that is considered to be a success.”

When asked what her favorite thing about this school was, Scott replied with, “I would have to say the tradition. I know it’s something they push a lot and it’s awesome that a school as rich in tradition as FMHS is still going.”

Something that was inspirational, as well as heartwarming, was what she hoped to contribute to her students. “If I could leave my kids with one thing, it would probably be to be kind to people and to treat people with respect, how to really care for people”.


“Ms. Scott is my favorite teacher because, although she doesn’t teach my favorite subject, she helps me grasp the information to the fullest extent. She’s always kind, understanding, and ready to reteach something if it’s not understood.” – Rachael Burnes, Sophmore.

“I’d say she’s my favorite because she’s really nice and makes what she teaches both really fun and easy.”- CJ, Sophmore.

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