Teacher Profile: Ryan Arciero

Carly Achinapura, Reporter

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Mr. Ryan Arciero, already known around campus for his positivity, is one of the newest members of the English department, teaching all levels of sophomore English.

Arciero has a unique teaching style, one filled with kindness and optimism. “I feel that if you wake up like it’s going to be a good day, it changes your perspective. Even if bad things happen in that day, you’re able to say ‘These made me a better person in some way.’ So even when I’m getting down on myself, I focus on the good. There is potential and possibility in all situations and all people.”

After moving to Fort Myers, Florida, Mr. Arciero began working at Mariner High School.  It was at there that Arciero had some of his most memorable teaching experiences.

“I had a student in a wheelchair a couple of years ago; it was the first time I was working with a student that had a physical disability. As soon as he came into the classroom he had this vitality; he wanted to participate, to get involved. He wanted to discuss his disability and the importance of inclusively supporting students in the classroom.” Arciero was able to work with this student to create a presentation that taught others the importance of welcoming those that are different. “To be able to learn about that, and to share that experience was absolutely fantastic and enlightening for all of us, ” said Arciero.

Like most high schoolers, Arciero had his fair share of good and bad experiences. His favorites include the oh-so-famous Friday Night Lights of Orlando Park, Illinois. “Knowing that we had the weekend ahead of us and having the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, to root for our team… that comradery was a lot of fun.

Arciero’s freshman math class proved to have a different effect. “Math was extremely difficult for me, and my teacher was brilliant, but a hard task-master. I always felt inferior in that class,” said Arciero.

Mr. Arciero has made his presence a prominent one; we could all learn a thing or two from his positive nature.

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