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Brooke Turner, Reporter

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Mr. Tran, the new choir teacher (who dabbles in DJing and is a theme park connoisseur), ironically claimed that he never saw himself as a teacher; he hated his music teacher growing up so he shied away from educating. “I went into music composition in college because I really enjoyed music and I was pretty good at music theory… so I started composing. Then I found that it gets very solitary and lonely; I didn’t see myself sitting in a room writing music by myself for the rest of my life, so I got into choral music and then educating.”

As made evident by his classroom, Tran has come to love the art of teaching. Through his lively expressions and innovative warm-ups, he makes his students comfortable and creates a safe environment for them. He still enjoys composing in his free time but is currently focusing on his instructional career.

Tran began teaching high schoolers for the first time on this very campus. As demonstrated by his schooling, music has always been a passion of his. In high school, he was strictly an instrumentalist. “A lot of [my students] are actually farther ahead than I was when I was in high school, ” said Tran.

He grew up in California and attended San Jose State University. There, he obtained his undergrad in Music Composition and went on to receive his current masters in Choral Conducting and Music Composition at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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