Kavanaugh Catch Up

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Kavanaugh Catch Up

Gruesome, emotional testimony given by both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford on September 27th

Gruesome, emotional testimony given by both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford on September 27th

Gruesome, emotional testimony given by both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford on September 27th

Gruesome, emotional testimony given by both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford on September 27th

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Brett Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford. Supreme Court. The headlines have been bolstered with these names for weeks now. We have the breakdown for you:

Who is Brett Kavanaugh?
With Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement from the Supreme Court in June, it is the President’s duty to nominate a new judge.

In nominating a new judge, due to the checks and balances system, the Senate must hear from the nominee (hence the hearings you’ve probably been hearing so much about) and have the ability to ask questions. The committee in the Senate in charge of this is the Judiciary Committee.

Who is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford?
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault back when they were in high school in the summer of 1982. The allegation was sent to a ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, Diane Feinstein, in a confidential letter. Kavanaugh’s normal process of hearings had been completed and a date set for the committee to vote was derailed by the release of this letter. Well, a leak of this letter. The source of how it became public is still unknown.

What happened after her allegation?
As this type of situation has only occurred once in America’s history, there is little precedence to go on. Anita Hill in 1991 accused then-nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual assault and it can be seen that a similar situation is unfolding. Indeed, history is repeating itself. Two days after the letter had been released, Dr. Ford came forward with her name to the Washington Post. The op-ed set off a political debate of how to proceed. Republicans wanted to move forward with a vote and Democrats wanted to hear from Dr. Ford.


The battle lasted ten days until last Thursday, the whole country came together to watch both Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh testify to the committee. Each side brought emotional testimonials that strengthen the believers of each side.

What happens now?
Since the hearing last Thursday, a committee vote was set on Friday. The committee votes to send the nominee to the floor of the Senate for debate (here comes a term you may have heard about known as filibustering). In the midst of this vote, the show that was the hearing from Thursday, continued into Friday as this vote would have to be along party lines to pass. Key Republican senator Jeff Flake attracted all eyes as he was the key swing vote. His vote came down to a yes vote. However, he demanded a condition. Senator Flake chose to favor the FBI investigation constantly posed by the Democrats to produce a report on the allegations. Thus, Flake voted yes, and the vote is now ready to be debated on the floor whenever the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, chooses to do so. Tomorrow, one week later, the Senate will hold a debate and an initial vote on the nominee. What happened with the FBI investigation Flake demanded? Well, the FBI took the week, since last Friday, to interview who the White House would allow (the White House must set in motion an FBI investigation, as President Bush did with the Anita Hill hearings) to be interviewed and questioned. The FBI created a report that reached the White House around 2:30 on Thursday morning. That day, the confidential report was then shown to all senators on the committee. What can we learn from it? The confidentiality leaves us citizens to trust the senators in their decision making and judgment of the report before them.

Stay tuned today and tomorrow for the outcome of this historic time in America when the question still remains, will Judge Kavanaugh be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court? Now you’re all caught up!


Until next time, Rawan

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