Spirit Levels Soar This Season

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Shades of green and white have been displayed throughout the school this season. Whether students wear them or they are presented in posters filling the halls, spirit is everywhere.

School spirit encourages a sense of belonging. It gives students an outlet to express their appreciation for their alma mater and fellow peers. Even the simple act of wearing green to football games or on Fridays creates a refreshing and unifying atmosphere, fueled by the proud display of our colors.

Colton Phinney, 9, said “Spirit helps to show our love for the school that does so much for students.”

While some support school spirit as a way to show respect, others enjoy the sense of unity. Glenn Romano Gillia, 9, said, “Showing support for one’s cause, be it as school spirit, ideology, a movement, or any group, is an essential trait of a developing person. Being able to devote oneself to a greater cause gives us something to do. To me, school spirit represents inclusion in the FMHS community.”

Many think it’s important to recognize the tradition of showing school spirit by equating it to paying homage to past leaders of the school. “Showing school spirit is important to me because of tradition. It is something that I hold dear to my heart. I show up to football games in remembrance of Coach Sam, the best football coach we’ve ever had,” said Thomas Peters, 10.

“It is nice to see everyone come together and wear something that represents a club or sport they are involved in. It is cool to see the entire student section at football games look like they actually go to the same school, whether it be a themed night (blackout, whiteout, neon, etc.) or just wearing green,” said Ruthanne Thongkai. She encourages participation in different chants led by SGA, “No matter how childish they may seem, it makes the game a lot more fun.”

The sense of unity drives students to show support for their alma mater. From wearing green on Fridays to participating in spirited nights, supporting the school and its traditions is very popular among the student body.

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